About us

is a private commercial company made out of a young, creative and motivated team trying to make a name for itself on the national and international market through seriousness and professionalism! One of our major concerns is the distribution of gifts and souvenirs, original ideas-made in ROMANIA!

We also present professional services in the field of object presonalization of any kind, industrial or advertising, on any type of material, through procedures such as: laser and mechanical pyrogravure, tampo printing, silk screening, emobossing press, folio, auto collage, typography, embroidery, etc.!


Developing and maintaining an open and fair partnership relation with partners, trying to satisfy any need our clients might have.

The principles guiding our daily activities are:

·         Open communication;

·         Continuously raising our standards and the quality of our products;

·         Continuous innovation;

·         A young, creative and committed work force.


Due to the seriousity our company shows in treating each and every order,due to respecting our deadlines, due to our close relationship to each and every beneficiary, and due to using top quality material, ROMART hopes to become soon an important name on the national market.