1. Customization services by computer assisted engraving

At the same time with the distribution of gifts, we also do customization of various objects and materials of any kind and any form by mechanical or laser engraving!

The first category of personalization: Inscriptions of promotional materials. We can realize short term and at high quality standards inscriptions of promotional materials by computer assisted engraving! The writing can be executed on various types of support: metal, plastic, leather, glass, wood or paper! Personalization of these items can be achieved by mechanical engraving, laser engraving, stamp dry, folio, tampo printing, silk screening or embossing press!

The second personalization would be: Inscriptions of trophies, medal, wafers. We can also offer a high quality inscription of such items by computer assisted engraving!

Another personalization category would be: Inscription on badges, plates or name tags. We can offer badges made of fine materials, silver or gold plated, cast-on or with resin!

A fourth category would be: Inscriptions of auto parts. For example: how many times has your car mirror been stolen? Therefore, we can engrave this auto part (or any other) for you, with a certain serial number that will make it easily recognizable!

The fifth category is:T Jewellery and gifts inscriptions. We can inscription objects that are dear to you, jewellery, medallions, bracelets, wrist watches, through computer assisted engraving! We can even do this on very small objects!

A special category of personalization is inscriptions within the following fields: Hotelier, Institutional, Civil and Industrial companies. This means that we offer a wide range of customization services to your company! The whole range of door plates, letter openers, informative plates, is made from environmental materials, appropriate for both internal and external use (materials resistant to water damage or UV rays).

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